For the do it yourselfer, feel free to substitute with your own tools as long as it could achieve the same result. This video also demonstrates cutting tint from the bulk roll, great for those of you that bought tint rolls.

Clean, & Prep Your Side Window

Cleaned window will achieve a better result. Clean the glass inside out and all areas surrounding the glass such as door frame, panel, rubber seal etc. Use a new razor blade at all times as old blade will scratch your window.

Cutting a Window Part 1

Cutting a Window Part 2 & Heat Shrink a Side Window

Some windows are not very contoured that do not require heat shrinking the window film. You could easily test this by spraying slip solution on the exterior side of the glass and position the film on the outside. (Now the clear backing should be facing yourself.) If the bottom edge sticks on nicely without “fingers” popping up, there is no heat shrinking required. Just remember do not remove the clear backing until you are ready to install on the inside glass.

Apply Window Film On To Your Side Window

Prep & Dry Shrink A Rear Window

Remember do not use razor blade or scraper to clean your rear window as it will damage the rear defroster lines. You will need to spray slip solution on the glass and use a light duty non scratch scrubbing pad to gently scrub the dirt off the window. At last squeegee off the dirty slip solution.

Apply Window Film On To Your Rear Window

Touch Up And Clean Up